My name is Ishmam Ibnul Arabi. I am a dreamer and believer. I am also a very ambitious person and do all things with an immense zeal. I love to explore and learn new things. I have done B.Sc in Chemistry and MS in Organic Chemistry ( Thesis) from University of Chittagong. During thesis period i have worked as a research assistant in Ionic Liquid Research Laboratory (ILRL). My research area comprised of Ionic Liquid synthesis, dissolution study of biomass, computational simulation, ADMET & QSAR analysis. Besides my educational life i have always connected with various organisation. I am also a content writer. I love to write on various topics. I have already written columns for Daily Prothom Alo & Daily Azadi. Writing articles, poems and stories have always been very close to my heart. I want to use this platform to develop my writing skills. I have a small blogging site. If you have any more queries please feel free to contact me.Thank you for visiting my profile.

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